undefinedSoccer fans around the world will be tuning in tomorrow, June 14th, to watch the highly anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup kick off in Moscow, Russia. Russia will be taking on Saudi Arabia in the first of 64 games. 32 teams will be battling it out to claim the coveted World Cup with the final game being played on July 15th.

Soccer is a game that requires a field that is consistent, smooth and even. Turf Nation has engineered a synthetic turf system to be the ultimate soccer surface: FC Elite. The FC Elite is robust and durable allowing realistic ball interaction and featuring optimal slide coefficient. FC Elite was purposefully designed to optimize soccer specific performance and maximize player safety.

The FC Elite is an all monofilament surface. The monofilament fibers are single strands which create a undefinedsoft, grass-like surface that is optimum for soccer. The FC Elite is made with 100% C8 resins, the highest grade available to the synthetic industry. Each square yard of the FC Elite surface has 54 ounces of fiber in a dual color (field/olive) which creates an aesthetically pleasing grass-like appearance.

For more information regarding the FC Elite or any other Turf Nation synthetic turf system or product email info@turfnation.com.